How to deal with the negative impact of online reviews on your business

The world is fasting becoming a global village thanks to the power of social media, powered by the Internet. Nowadays, it is a norm for customers to leave a review based on the experiences they got after interacting with a business. Reviews left can be either positive or negative. Negative online reviews can hurt your business. Towing services in Charlotte have been at the forefront in dealing with reviews that customers write on Google after interacting with their businesses.

Consumers are 31 percent more likely to spend on products or services that have excellent reviews. Stats show a negative review can drive away 40 percent of potential customers. Such reviews damage the prestige, profitability, and trustworthiness of a business. Additionally, people hesitate to buy from businesses that have no reviews, or from those that have too many negative reviews.

If your business is experiencing negative reviews, here’s how to deal with it.

Acknowledge the issue

In most cases, even when you are convinced the customer is not right, it is important to acknowledge the issue. You can begin your response by thanking the customer for providing feedback and letting you know about the issue. Thank the customer for bringing the issue into your attention. Whether the customer understands your situation or not, it will never hurt acknowledging the issue as the first step in a review process.


There is no need whatsoever to acknowledge an issue that you won’t apologize for. After you have acknowledged the issue, the next step in dealing with negative reviews is eating the humble pie and owning up for your mistakes. We are all humans and that means we are prone to making errors. Mess ups and mistakes can lead us to cause unwanted negative reviews from customers. For any mistake that your business causes, don’t retaliate or lash to the customer. Instead, admit and apologize and respond positively. You also need to be polite and professional and don’t create unwarranted debate.

Explain if necessary

There are many times an apology would be more than enough to address a situation. However, there are other instances where you will need to provide more information to clear up and misunderstandings between you and the customer.  Start by apologizing for what happened, then explain in case you faced a technical issue that might have caused the situation. Be true and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Explain in case you have resolved the issue and assure the customer everything has been returned to normalcy.

Compensate appropriately

As a consumer, there is nothing worse than having a negative experience with a company and then they brush the issue as if nothing happened. You should be willing to go above and beyond and compensate your customers for any inconvenience caused by your business. An apology would work, but a 20 percent discount or credit in their next service or purchase would be more than enough incentive to have the issue resolved most amicably. Be willing to go an extra step to show what differentiates your business from others.