Effective Ways to Keep Your Car in Top Condition

carJust like we take care of ourselves, stay in shape and eat the right things, same applies to cars. We all want our cars to be in top conditions such as those of Platinum Access Limousines, and achieving such state doesn’t come easy. It is always painful to have to part with our savings to pay for car repairs and other related charges. To ensure that your car is always in top conditions, you need to ensure that maximum care takes place. It is very important to follow all set recommendations and precautions to ensure that your car is in pristine condition, and here is how to go about it.

Check Owner’s Manual

One of the most important things in your car is owner’s manual. It is a booklet that spells anything in terms of guide, on what you would want in your car. It explains things such as – the kind of fuel your car needs, any additions and modifications you can make to your car, among other things. It spells out things you can do to your car without voiding the warranty.


Oil is an essential element of your car engine. You need to change the car oil after every three months, or at least 3,000 miles. This helps in keeping your car in pristine condition. If you have a tow trailer, or you drive in dusty conditions, you should frequently change oil. You should also avoid short trips whereby you don’t give your engine appropriate time to warm up. Change engine oil, change oil filter, fuel filter and air filter and check spark plugs as well.


The car transmission is very important in ensuring the car moves in the right manner. Transmission brings power from the engine to the wheels. A regular checkup of car transmission fluids will help in keeping your car moving smoothly and as required. The car battery should also be well looked into. Batteries store energy that your car requires to start the engine.

Emission System

The emission system runs for almost the entire length of your car. It is responsible for moving analyzing gases and refining them into water vapor and a less harmful gas, and directs them through dampers to ensure a reduction on effects of noise. While hanging at the bottom of your vehicle, the emission system does very important task. To keep your car running smoothly, you need to ensure that the emission system is in good working condition.