4 Ways to Care for Your Car’s Electrical System

car electricalAs a driver, do you ever bother to know how your car electrical system works? Most likely, the answer is ‘No.’ Most car drivers only give it a thought after their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and they have to call for expert towing services from http://www.charlotteareatowingservice.com. Taking good care of your car means commitment, investing your time, money and understanding how the various components function to keep it going. Your car’s electrical system undergoes wear and tear making it paramount to keep regular appointments with a technician who will ensure the car remains classy at all times. But even before involving the experts, you have to be familiar with how to properly care for the electrical system to avoid spending hefty professional charges all the time.

Inspect the battery regularly and clean the battery cables

The white or bluish substance on the battery cables is mostly acid build-up that can cause corrosion. Check the battery once a month to make sure there is no build up. In the case where it is there, use a wire brush and mixture of water and baking soda to clean the area- be sure to remove the cables from the battery posts first. Corroded wires prevent the battery from supplying power to the other components of the electrical system thus reducing the efficiency of your car.

Replace the car battery when need be

car batteryUsually, a well-maintained car battery can serve you for 4-5 years. However, if the battery starts leaking, fails to charge or develops other problems, the best thing is to replace it. In a case where the battery has already served you for five years, don’t wait for it to stop charging, just replace it. Otherwise, it will fail you when you have an urgent matter to attend to.

Regularly inspect the alternator belt

Without the alternator, your car battery can never charge. The alternator is, therefore, the life force of your car’s electrical system. A cracked, dry, glazed or loose belt prevents the alternator from working efficiently. If you are unsure or uncomfortable checking the belt yourself, involve a technician who will inspect and also advise you if it is time to replace the alternator belt. After the replacement, regularly inspect the new belt for tension as well.

Replace the starter when needed

The starter is used only a few times a day, but it is the largest power user in your vehicle’s electrical system making it the most critical in the car’s operation. Don’t be too quick to associate a vehicle that won’t start with a weak or faulty battery. Sometimes, you could be having a bad starter. You might, therefore, need to take it for service, or ultimately change the starter. While replacing the starter isn’t a complicated process, ensuring that it is installed properly is necessary to make sure it is operating effectively.

Your car’s electrical system is important. Very important. Therefore, staying informed about its health and performance should never be compromised. A minor problem like a leaking battery can wreak havoc on other components like the starter and alternator thus affecting the efficiency of your car. Take proper care of your car’s electrical system and avoid the hefty professional fees to fix your car now and then.